Proof Research Barrels

proof barrels

We at Motor City are proud to be among the first Proof Research barrel dealers in the country. These barrels are the absolute pinnacle of accuracy.  Proof Research barrels are available in either stainless steel or in a revolutionary carbon fiber wrap that reduces weight and increases cooling of the barrel. 

Proof Research Barrels are the only carbon fiber barrels approved for use by the US Military, the testing these barrels went through is among the most rigorous on earth and they passed with flying colors. 

The advantages of these barrels include:

  • World class match-grade accuracy
  • Over 50% reduction in weight compared to steel
  • Fast heat dissipation during sustained fire
  • No Point of Impact shifts during long strings
  • Improved barrel harmonics
  • Absolutely durable 

Proof barrels are available in both AR and Bolt platforms, and no one outside Proof Research has more experience in the world at fitting and chambering these barrels than us. If you have an idea for a project you’d like us to build for you using these phenomenal barrels please fill out the form below.

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