Motor City Detroit Edition AR-15

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Detroit Strong

The Motor City has always been known for being a place where Americans do great things. Motor City Gun Works continues that tradition of innovators and craftsmen. With a no bullshit can-do attitude and a skillset to match they inspire images of the great legends of Detroit. This old school approach to business has led the team at Motor City to only use the highest quality parts, always be obsessively precise, and to never waste a customer’s time or money.  

Whether you’re looking for a one of a kind bolt gun or an AR that can put down groups measured in decimal places of MOA this is the place for you. The team at Motor City works closely with the best in the industry to provide the PERFECT solution for your shooting needs. Motor City gun works also offers great prices on ammunition and gear!



In addition to custom builds, Motor City also offers great prices on good 'ol fashioned Gunsmithing.

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